zaterdag 15 november 2014

Things my grandmothers stitched for me

I was planning to do this blogpost for a while, but all the stuff that I want to show in this blogpost was at my parents house. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers were avid stitchers. They both stitched me stuff that I hold dear to my heart and are examples of great craftmanship.

First, lets start with my maternal grandmother. I don't really remember her stitching, because she was already pretty ill by the time I started remembering stuff.

This is the border of a baby blanket my grandmother stitched for me. I think it is a really cute and bright pattern for a little baby girl, so I really liked seeing it again. 

She also stitched me a growth chart, that hung on my wall. My mom told me, that after she had changed my diaper, she always sung a song with me she made up herself about all the characters on the chart. She still remembers it, and it is pretty cute! 

It was pretty hard to photograph this properly because of the elongated size, but hopefully you can see the full effect. 

My other grandmother was probably an even more avid cross stitcher. In the year I was born, she also had two other grandchildren, and they all received a stitched work about the same size. So imagine working on three pieces this size, in a year! I do remember her cross-stitching, because my final cousin was born when I was 12, and she wanted to stitch him something as well, and she did, even though it became harder when she got older. 

This piece is very neat, with very even stitches. I really like the pattern as well, and my mom said it matched my nursery quite well. The funny thing is, when I tried to look for patterns to stitch a few years ago, I stumbled upon this pattern as well. So it is still sold (or at least was until recently) and probably stitched too. 

My mother has never really been into cross stitching, but she did sew me a doll when she was pregnant with me, that has cross stitched features. I wanted to photograph that one too, but I forgot, so maybe next time. 

I really like looking at these pieces, and seeing I really inherited the stitching bug from my grandmothers. In Holland, cross stitching nowadays is more of an old ladies thing, while I think it can be very fun, relaxing and it gives a great result, and it is a nice old craft that has been done for years. I like that I following in the footsteps of my both grandmothers, and hope to stitch for my grandchildren, one day!

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