zondag 9 november 2014

What I bought at the KreaDoe

Last Wednesday, I went to the KreaDoe fair in Utrecht. This is the largest, or at least one of the largest creative fairs in Holland, with two enormous halls filled with sellers of all kinds of crafts. You can find stuff to cross stitch, knit, crochet, sew, make cards, scrapbook, make jewelry etc. I don't go there every year, but at least every once in a while, I do visit it. I live in Amsterdam myself, and there are not that many shops that specialize in cross stitch stuff here.

I had planned to buy boxes to keep my floss in, some fabric to cross stitch on and some cute patterns. And I succeeded in finding all of those, and then some!

These are the boxes I bought. They were 5E a piece. I think one box would be enough to fit all the floss I have at the moment, but I expect my floss collection will expand over time, and I don't want to have different boxes, so I bought a second one for future expansion. It also came with 100 cardboard bobbins.

I also bought two pieces of fabric, a black 18 ct aida and a forestgreen piece of jobelin (don't know the count but pretty fine). I wanted a piece of black fabric for a while, and I loved the green color as well. 

I bought these two patterns. The first one is the follow up for the cat pattern I already have by this designer, I liked this one as well. The second one I bought with a specific project in mind. 

This magazine and this pattern with a skein of floss I received for free, as they were selling a new floss brand, and you received this pattern to try it. I think I will definately try the floss, and maybe there is a nice pattern in the magazine as well!

I also bought this crochet yarn, and a crochet hook in the right size to go with it. I am planning to crochet from my book of animals with this. This is a little bit above my normal crochet level, but I will see how far I get, it is always good to learn, right.

The final thing I bought is this coloring book. I already have one coloring book, maybe will show my colorist one day. I really love art nouveau (like you couldn't tell by my choice of cross stitch pieces), so this book immediately caught my eye!

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