donderdag 6 november 2014

WIP Wednesday Thursday #3

I'm late on my WIP update today, because I was away for the entire day yesterday. I didn't get that much stitching done. I felt I needed to do backstitching, but I didn't feel like doing that, so I procrastinated some more. When I decided I could continue stitching the cat, it was easy and I got quite a lot done. '

My cat finally has eyes! And a nose! Almost all his face is finished by now. I always stitch quite randomly, because I try to look for a color I can finish without counting a lot. So I work on his back for a bit, on his face and on his belly at the same time, depending on where the stitching is closest together. I also did a little bit of the outer border, because his eyelids were done in the same color and I though 'why not?'.

Hopefully, next week I will have some backstitching done, because that definately needs to happen someday! The cat also has quite a lot of backstitching, so there is loads to be done still.

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