woensdag 29 oktober 2014

Kits and patterns I like

There are several things I would love to stitch in the future. I am not much of a pack-rat when it comes to cross stitching, I don't really see the point in having a million kits and no time to work on them. So my collection consists of small patterns that can be done quickly, and the only big thing I own is the Cat in the Window kit I am working on right now.

But ofcourse, a girl can dream, right? There are many things I want to stitch, someday. So today I will show some of those patterns and kits.

The first one is a free pattern from the website spritestitch. You can find many cross stitch patterns on there, most based on video games. I used to be a big time Pokemon fan in my early teens, and I still hold very good memories to that. I even stood in line for almost two hours when I was in Paris last spring to visit the PokeCenter that was there for two weeks. So this pattern really attracted me from the moment I first saw it.

You can find the pattern (for free) here!

Another brand I really love (in a totally different style) is Chatelaine. Most of their patterns are quite complicated Mandala motifs, with loads of beading and specialty yarns. I really want to do one one day, but on some websites you can buy all the supplies together (the specialty yarns and the beads) and the full price of that comes up to 200$ or more. This would be way too much for me, and I don't know if you can also do it with DMC yarns or without beads, and I'm hesistant to buy a pattern and find out you can't, so maybe some day. The one I love best is this one, the Hawaiian pattern.

I already stitched the All you need is love pattern by Stitchrovia as a wedding gift, but I do like to stitch another pattern by this designer just for myself. I especially like these patterns.

On Etsy there are more fun designers, as I prefer a more modern style. I love the patterns by Satsuma Street like this modern interpretation of my city, Amsterdam.

There are also several kits by Dimensions that I really love to make one day. I am already working on Cat in the Window at the moment, but they have two other patterns with cats that I really like. These are more standard cross stitch pieces, but I just love cats. 

There are many more cross stitch patterns and kits I could show you that I love, but for now, this is enough. Maybe I will do a part 2 on this someday. If you see any patterns that you think I would like, feel free to recommend them in the reactions, I would love to see your picks!

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