maandag 13 oktober 2014


After I had stitched up Nemo and Keesje, I wanted to stitch Kornelis. Kornelis is the Siamese cat of my friends N. and M, and since they both celebrated their birthdays recently, I wanted to give them their cat in cross stiches. Luckily, my 35 cats pattern also had some Siamese cats to choose from, and there was one that really looked like him.

They really loved the little gift, but I forgot to take pictures after I had finished, so I asked N, who is great at photographing to take some pictures of my finished product so I could make a blogpost about it. He did, and I love the endresult. Maybe he will be the main photographer for my blog from now on, if I can lure him into that job ;). 

As you can see, the design really does look like him, and the blue of the fabric matches the blue of his eyes quite nicely (which was a total accident, because I stitch most of my designs on the same blue fabric). I am very pleased with the end result. If you look closely at the detailed picture of the design, you can see that my x's don't face the same way. This is something I have trouble with, I had been stitching for about 4 years until someone told me you were supposed to do that. I had never thought about it. And old habits die hard. On my Cat in Window project, I am trying to have them all face the same way, and succeeding so far, but on little projects like this, I just keep turning the fabric and forgetting about my resolutions to do so.

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