dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Wedding gift by Stitchrovia

Today I can finally show my latest semi-big finish, because I finally gave it to the lucky couple. Last summer I was invited to the wedding of two of my friends. It was the first wedding I was invited to, my friends and family are all not the marrying kind apparently. So I was really excited, and wanted to stitch something for them. Most wedding samplers or kits really don't suit that couple, or their style, so I looked on Pinterest to find something more modern and better suited to my wishes. And is stumbled upon Stitchrovia. She makes modern designs, mostly based around words in different fonts and I really liked it. I decided to buy the All you need is love-pattern.

I really liked the fact that I had the pattern straight away in PDF form, so I could start immediately. The pattern only uses 7 or 8 colours, but has a colourful effect in the end, so that is very convenient. I decided not to print the pattern but work from PDF on my iPad, and that was a great way, as I could zoom in or scroll to a different part very easily.

I decided to stitch the names and the wedding date of the happy couple in the bottom, to make it a real memory to their wedding. Stitchrovia didn't provide me with a fitting font, but I found a free font to my liking online and tweaked it a little bit so it was totally to my liking. I blurred their full names because I don't want to show them on my blog, but I can tell you it looks great.

This is what it looked like when I finished the entire pattern, without the names.

This is what the finished piece with names and date looked like, to show you the size and placement of the names.

And this is how the piece finally looked framed. It was the first item I framed myself (well, the first one I really cared about ;)). I bought the frame at the HEMA. I am pretty pleased with how it looks, considering I did it myself. 

I think they liked the gift. I gave to them at the wedding, with all these people standing around to congratulate them, so it was hard to see their true reaction, but I think they liked, and appreciated it. I really enjoyed the wedding, so I was glad to give them something they will hopefully cherish, as I do with the memories made by being there.

I really liked stitching something from Stitchrovia, and I may buy something else from this store. There are several other designs I really like, and I would recommend buying from this store to other stitchers.

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