dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

WIP update

I am on a small break from school, autumn weather has finally kicked in and I am totally feeling the stitching vibe. So I worked a bit on my 'Cat in window'. This is where I left you last.

I was wondering then if I should do backstitching (boring) or work on the cat (fun) first, but I decided to switch it of, and that is going quite well. So here's where I am today.

I have finished stitching the cat ears/top of his head, and have worked quite a bit on the backstitching.  This way really suits me, so I will continue, although I do have to move my embroidery ring around a lot. But that is okay.

I am trying to face all my x's the same way in this piece, because the entire background is half stitches so I showed myself I am able to do it. So far, I think I succeeded!

1 opmerking:

  1. Met de stiksteekjes wordt het wel schitterend. Veel gedetailleerder en mooier. Mooie update!