woensdag 29 oktober 2014

WIP Wednesday #2

I decided to do current WIP-updates on Wednesdays, and name it (quite surprising) WIP Wednesday. I may not have much to show each Wednesday (especially in summertime), but I'll try to stick to it for now.

This week will cover two weeks of work, as I didn't show anything last week. The first few days, I cross stitched a lot. Then, I had some really tiring days of work, and felt like being creative, but I was too tired to cross stitch. So I picked up crocheting, and continued doing so until I ran out of yarn.

First, my cross stitch piece. I worked on the cat's head some more, and decided to start on his back as well. When I finish a certain piece, I always look for the color I can stitch without counting a lot. I also continued the backstitching, and found out some of the backstitching went into the border, that I hadn't stitched yet, so I stitched the yellow border around the entire thing too. Very easy, but quick work. Next up is backstitching some more, because I really want to get that done asap.

Then, onto my crocheting work. First of, I am going to show you all my other creative hobbies besides cross stitching in a separate post. Cross stitching is my main thing, but I do enjoy other crafts as well. I am a mediocre crocheter, I am always struggling with following patterns, so I mainly do very simple things.

I had bought two bolls of yarn at a Dutch chain that sells cheap stuff called Wibra, on a whim because I loved the colors. They were only €1,79 a piece, so I figured I wouldn't break the bank on that. Then, I decided to make a blanket to sit under on the couch. As I can´t read patterns for crochet, I always turn to Youtube when I want to crochet something. Most blanket patterns are either for granny squares, or with really thick yarn, and I wanted neither of those, so I looked on. Then I found a pattern for a very easy granny square, that can be continued to form a blanket. This is the video I used.

After two evenings of crochet, I almost finished my yarn, but I hadn't finished the blanket by far, so I asked my roommate to go back to the store to buy more for me, while I was at work. She bought two more bolls, and I happily stitched on. Later, that yarn was almost finished so I wanted to buy more, went back, and it was gone. I looked up some info on the yarn online, turns out it is one of the most popular yarns available, since it is so cheap and such fun colors. The store sells it once or twice a year, and it always sells out amazingly fast. So now I have a blanket that is almost 1m x 1m, but I want to make it bigger. 

As you can see, I still have some yarn left, but it is not enough to do an entire round. I decided to just leave it hanging, because I am hoping I will find some more yarn soon. My mother went to several Wibra-stores for me, and it was sold out everywhere, and I went to another one myself, but I was not able to find it. The employees told my mom it was returning in January, so I hope to find some then. There is some yarn available on Marktplaats, which is the Dutch version of Craigslist, but they are going for twice/three times the normal price, and I don't want to pay that much. 

So for now, my crochet-blanket is on hold, so I will return to cross stitch. Hopefully I will have some good progress to show next week. 

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  1. Je borduurwerk wordt mooi. Je deken ook
    Jammer dat je wol op is. Grappig, dat je ook meer hobby s heb.