maandag 27 oktober 2014

Flower market

After I had finished my Mucha piece that I showed in this blogpost, I immediately wanted to start a new piece. I didn't know the internet was full of cross stitch patterns and kits back then, so I went to the one store I knew stocked cross stitch kits, and choose the one I liked best. Turned out I didn't really like it in the end. I finished it, but I never really loved working on it, and I don't really love the end result. It hangs in my kitchen, where I rarely really notice it. About a year ago, I dropped the frame and the glass is broken in the bottom, and the piece has moved and is not framed correctly anymore, but honestly, I don't care enough to frame it again. And nobody notices because it is in my (tiny) kitchen. But I will show you anyway.

The kit is by Lanarte, but I was not able to find it anywhere for sale online, so I guess it is no longer in production. The purple background is printed on the fabric. 

The point of this blogpost, besides showing you the second biggest project I finished until today, is to be careful in choosing your projects. I don't regret stitching this, but I could have spend all that time on a piece I really loved and cherished.

Edit: I wrote this blogpost a week ago, took the framed piece of its hook in the kitchen to take pictures, and I probably didn't hang it back up correctly because... I dropped it the day after. And the frame shattered this time. So no more piece-I-don't-really-love in my kitchen anymore. Now I am kind of sad about it!

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  1. Ik vind het toch wel een erg mooi borduurwerk. Klassiek maar wel erg knap geborduurd.