dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Stitchy questionnaire

1. When and why did you start stitching?
I don't remember exactly, but I believe it was when I was ill and bored one day, and asked my mom to bring home a cross stitch kit. It was around the time I was 15. It was out of boredom. When I was really young, I did some stamped cross-stitching with wool, just a children's craft.

2. Who taught you to stitch?
I guess my mother did, but she doesn't really do it herself. I am not a very neat stitcher, which stems from being mostly self taught. Both my grandmothers were really avid cross stitchers, but they both died before I got a passion for it, so I never really shared it with them.

3. What was your first finish?
I am not really sure, but it was a small Winnie the Pooh kit with Piglet next to a letter.
I think it looked a bit like this, but it was just something quick my mom picked up for me, and I 
wasn't really impressed by the end result so it got lost, I don´t have it anymore.

4. Which type, colour, etc, of fabric do you prefer?
As I am a self-taught stitcher, I do not have any idea of what fabrics are good. So far, I have only stitched small things from patterns without kits, so I have bought fabric only twice. And I just asked the shoplady, and she gave me advice. I bought blue fabric a few years ago, and I still really like how cross stitched items look on that, I think I have enough blue fabric left to do at least 3 more small projects on.

5. Do you prefer large or small designs?
Large, but I am getting more into small things because I love gifting something homemade, but it is pretty hard to gift a project that took you several years.

6. Do you like designs with lots of colours, or a small selection of colours?
Lots of colours, because I like everything colourful. My wardrobe, my food, my home decor. 

7. What is your favourite/least favourite specialty stitch?
I do not have that much experience with specialty stitching, but doing two half stitches of different color with backstitching over it can be a real pain.

8. Are there any particular techniques you use when stitching, or do you have any handy tips?
I always mark my larger patterns with a neon marker, to keep track of what was stitched. I usually put that marker between my boobs when stitching, to make sure it doesn't roll away. Haha.

9. What size and type of needle do you use?
I don't really care, I usually use the first one I find, and very often it is not a needle for stitching but a regular sewing needle.

10. What type of hoop(s) and/or frame(s) do you use?
I only use wooden hoops for now. It suits me just fine.

11. How do you store your stitching and accessories?
For my current project, I use a tote my mom made for me. My floss and all other stuff is crammed into a box, my collection is small enough to fit into one box.

12. Do you like stitching particular objects, such as bookmarks, cards, tablecloths, pictures for tuck cushions - or do you prefer to frame your pieces?
I have never made anything that wasn't meant to be hung in the wall. I don't own a sewing machine, so it is hard to make different objects.

13. Who is your favourite/least favourite designer and why?
I bought a pattern from Stitchrovia on Etsy, and it was very nice. Most cross stitching doesn't really fit my taste, because I find it a bit old fashioned. I don't think I will ever stitch a fairy or a dragon. I see things by Lizzy Kate on other stitching blogs that are definately not for me. Also HAED designs has nice things, but I do not really love the end results, I miss the backstitching. 

14. What is your favourite/least favourite theme?
I am not religious, so I do not like religious pieces. I do not like Halloween pieces that much either, as Halloween is not celebrated in Holland, and I would never stitch as much christmas stuff as some people do. It takes me too long to stitch to dedicate all that work to something so seasonal.
I do really love stitching cats <3.

15. What have you completed most recently?
An electric guitar. I made it for a friend and will show it very soon.

16. How many pieces have you completed?
I would say, around 10-15.

17. What are you currently working on?
Cat in the window by dimensions, that I showed in my last blogpost.

18. What will you be working on next?
I have some small things in mind I want to stitch, a half finished present for a friend, and a card to celebrate a birth.

19. How many UFO's do you have?
2 or 3, because I am not sure if I still have one I started a long time ago. I might have tossed it, with only around 50 stitches left to go :(.

20. How many kits and charts do you have waiting to be done?
Kits, none. Charts, a few, and many freebies I've downloaded.

21. What kit or chart are you planning on buying next?
I might want to buy another chart from Stitchrovia on Etsy, because I love her designs. Other than that, I do not have an idea now. 

22. What is your favourite part of stitching a design? (E.g. Starting, watching the picture building up, finishing, getting it framed?)
I truely love all aspects, but finishing a certain part of a design always feels nice. Or reaching the outer edges of a design after starting in the center. Those little achievements in between.

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