vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

First big finish

When I was younger, I did some small projects. I remember I once made a mouse-pattern, and a Winnie the Pooh piece. But I didn't like those patterns, but didn't know where to get nicer ones. Then I moved out when I was 18, to a place without internet. Suddenly I had all this time on my hands, and I found a great kit that I made in the two years that I lived there.

My parents had it framed for me and it still hangs proudly in my room to this day. The kit is made by Lanarte, and it is an adaptation of a painting by Alphonse Mucha. There is a second pattern to accompany it, but I dresd making that one, because it is so similar. Maybe I will some day, because a long time has passed since stitching this one. It is my favorite thing that I have stitched so far, both in stitching it, and the end-result.

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